Tadhg Murnain

Della Louise, Harbour SealThere’s not too much to say. Came across as a kid and found my way to the island where I have cut out a life in surroundings not too different than what I remember from Ireland. That is, inasmuch as the water is right here and the fish still speak to me, which many consider to be an odd, if not totally disbelievable, thing.

Regardless, I build a few boats a year and sell them. It’s not a way to get rich, but it pays well enough. The remainder of the time I fish, think and, until recently, I kept company with a fine young woman who decided that this was no place to live any longer, so she left.

Of course, I am dinged by this. In response, I went over to the mainland and bought the items necessary to install an Internet uplink so that I do not have to take the Big Boat out the channel and across the sound to town to check my e mail at the coffee and pastry shoppe.

On the other hand, this may prove to be a bent exercise, as I will now not make that trip to town as often and I will thusly be yet more isolated from a social perspective than I was previously.

I have written quite a lot of things over the past few years and I have yet to share a single one of them with anyone other than herself who left. Alright, I just may as well stop trying to avoid writing her name. It’s Maddie, short for Madeline. I simply knew her as “Mad,” which is the way I addressed her (as well as the way I secretly thought she was.)

The Island Runner came over and plucked her off the dock one morning just after a light fog lifted enough to see. She waved and I knew she was crying. She asked me a hundred times if I’d consider moving down to Vancouver or Seattle where she wanted to work (she’s a nurse by trade), but the mere thought of it turned me into a wall of stone. This, of course, led to numerous periods where communication between us ceased altogether.

The night, that night, she just told me over dinner that she would be leaving. I knew then that was it, that there would be no further discussion about it and our nearly three years together were over.

I tried the city once since then and I’ve decided my life’s not there.

Here’s to fresh statrts, good conversations with smart fish and what may come this way or that.


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