Full Circle

October 25, 2008

The waves have washed me up on my own beach once again. With the sun’s daily stay rapidly diminishing, the air being much cooler and the rain coming at times in horizontal bursts, the forth season creeps up and I feel the muse pounding inside my head.

I tried to forsake this webbing and, for some time, I did.

During my absence from this web spot, which commenced last spring, my journeys took me to Ireland, where I threw back too many brews in places like O’Grady’s in Kilorglin, watched the sun set over Dingle Bay from the beach at Inch, ate lunch with sheep atop Connor Pass and played my guitar in numerous pubs in many small places in the Gaeltacht.

I ate well and learnt to fret over the Irish economy, which I could clearly see was overcooked and doomed to blowup at some point. That is when I knew it was time to go, when I began to fret in such a way that I seemed another local. 

I then took over a fine old channel cutter to be delivered across the pond to her new owner. This, was, after all, my primary reason for going back to Ireland for the second time in a few months.

On my prior visit, I met the boat’s owner and agreed that when the weather permitted, I’d bring her over. I picked up two crew and we sailed her down to Spain and then across to the windwards by way of the Azores. This, of course, took me out of commission on the web writing front for quite some time, as we had no Internet on the boat.

It also allowed me the opportunity to purge all the final strands of the broken, sad and, eventually, outright ridiculous romantic ties that had caused me so much confusion last year. 

Los Angeles actresses? What, Dear Lord, was I thinking? 

I swear to you, I’ll not set foot in Tofino again anytime soon. 

I did do quite a bit of writing during the sail over to El Carribe, some of which I will place here in the webspot as I feel the urge and have the time. 

Since I presently have no boats to build, nor any clients seeking me out after I dropped off the Earth for so many months, I expect I will find the time to share some of my writings. 

I have collected the dogs. They are well and seem to remember me with zeal. Many thanks to their caregivers over these long months. 

It’s time to put the place back in order and prepare for old man winter.

Oiche mhalth agat!