they are premeditated food, sandwiches.

i often had to leave home for the day without one while growing up. a scrap of meat, yes, or a fruit, but not a sandwich.

a sandwich must be thought about in advance of its construction. its ingredients considered.

whereas, a scrap of meat, or a fruit, they are just as they are, without pre-consideration as to construct by the supplier, with also no effort in making them what they are before you stuff them in your sack.

i have lately come to realize how often i was sent forth without a sandwich as a boy and i now understand nobody had thought about making me one on those days.

i did not merit the idea of a sandwich, i suppose. even before one was never built for me, i did not merit the idea of possibility that one ought to be considered for construction and then presented.

i have come to believe that a sandwich made and presented is an act of love and that one never made is actually withheld, as love is withheld, until we wilt.

or, at the very least, the greens do. 


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